Accounting Services

Today’s business environment requires innovative solutions to challenging and unique financial circumstances.  Dooley & Vicars has played a vital role in helping many businesses and individuals increase the productivity and efficiency of their resources.  Dooley & Vicars is qualified and experienced to offer a broad range of accounting and management consulting services.  The firm is licensed to practice in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Connecticut.

Listed below are the services we offer.  If you have any questions regarding an explanation of the service or whether or not we offer a service you do not see listed, please contact us.

At Dooley & Vicars, our main goal for our clients is to provide you with professional accounting and business services that fit your unique needs and situation.  Our strategies and solutions to your accounting and consulting needs are based on your unique situation, your business plans and your financial security.  We look forward to serving you.

Analysis & Planning Services

Estate Planning:  Dooley & Vicars assists in the planning, organizing and establishment of estate disbursements.  Dooley & Vicars can set up and manage trusts as well as inform and assist in tax issues regarding estate and trusts.

Financial Planning:  Dooley & Vicars has extensive experience in establishing financial plans for individuals and businesses based upon the clients unique situation and financial security.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Dooley & Vicars has years of experience working with and providing financial guidance for individuals and organizations doing business in a variety of markets.  Dooley & Vicars brings a thorough assessment of costs and benefits to report the financial feasibility of new markets, services or product offerings for the client.

Lease versus Buy Analysis:  Dooley & Vicars assists clients in projecting long term outlooks with current market conditions to determine the benefits of leasing or buying in the current market.

Depreciation Studies:  Financial position involves utilizing and accounting for every asset within the organization.  Using acceptable accounting standards, Dooley & Vicars provides clients with a thorough examination of assets and a depreciation that allows clients to determine a sound financial plan.

Cost Allocation Methods:  Dooley & Vicars has experience and expertise in determining the optimal cost allocation method for the client’s organization.  Dooley & Vicars considers the client’s unique financial position, structure and environment in determining appropriate cost allocation methods to utilize.

Continuing Property Records Systems:  Dooley & Vicars has experience working with utility companies to provide information and guidance to ensure the company is utilizing the most sound and optimal financial structure appropriate for their industry.  Providing continuing property records assists companies in maintaining and showing financially the net cost of all physical property items.

Business Advisory Services

Bookkeeping:  Dooley & Vicars understands that today’s business environment requires innovative solutions to challenging and unique financial circumstances.  We play a vital role in helping your business increase productivity by providing the accounting role your business demands.  We work with you, the client, and tailor a unique accounting service specific to your needs.  Our bookkeeping can range in service from providing an entire financial solution for your business to include receivables, payables, sales tax, reporting and software setup; or our solution can be pieces and parts and/or consultative in nature.

Payroll Services:  Dooley & Vicars understands the value of your time and offers a variety of services concerning payroll.  We can assist in setting you up with a payroll service, advise how to set your payroll up for your unique situation, taxes etc. or we can take over payroll for you running it monthly/bi-monthly or as directed by you.

Monthly Accounting Assistance:  Whether an individual or business sometimes a solution that works best is to have your accountant take care of and maintain your monthly finances.  Dooley & Vicars is equipped to handle monthly accounting clients by providing check writing, tax advice, reporting and balancing.

New Business Start-Up:  The success of a start-up business often relies on the preparation done prior to the first service being offered or good being sold.  At Dooley & Vicars we have experience in assisting clients starting a new business.  We advise on how to set up the structure of the business as well as the tax structure that needs to be established.  We provide clients with an understanding of government tax regulations for the business and employees in addition to advising on business licenses requirements.  Our working relationships within the community enable us to provide strong support for other aspects of a new business start-up that may be needed.

Quick Books Consultant:  Intuit offers a competitive small business software package called Quick Books.  Our team is exceptionally versed in this accounting software package and is available to assist clients in all aspects of using, setting up and maintaining their financials using Quick Books.

Budgeting:  Allocating money, either personally or within a business or organization, is a proactive choice that leads to sound business decisions and financial security.  Establishing a budget, whether there are a substantial amount of funds or very little, is the first step to making sure money allocation happens according to the business plan and direction.  Dooley & Vicars has expertise in working with clients to understand their unique situations, environments and objectives and helping establish a budget in order that plans may be bet.

Cost Allocation Studies:  Dooley & Vicars offers cost allocation studies to determine the cost to the client for services rendered.  These studies are important as they assist clients in business plan development and financial planning.

Cash Management Programs:  Dooley & Vicars tailors a cash management program to each individual client taking into consideration the client’s business goals, cash flow, investment strategy and environment.  By allowing Dooley & Vicars to provide a cash management program, the client is eliminated of the daily tedious financial tasks and freed to grow the business.

Non-Profit Accounting Services:  Dooley & Vicars has over 75 years combined experience in providing accounting services for non-profit organizations.  Our staff maintains abreast of the ever changing standards regarding non-profit audits in order to ensure audits provided to clients are accurate, up to date, efficient and above all adhere to generally acceptable accounting principals (GAAP).  In addition, the firm is well versed in providing accounting support to non-profits as well as tax returns.

Public Utility Accounting:  Dooley & Vicars provides audit services and financial services to several public utility clients.

Regulatory Services:  Dooley & Vicars utilizes the expertise gained from years of experience in working with non-profit organizations to ensure non-profit clients are structured and maintain sound regulatory compliance.  In addition to experience, the staff at Dooley & Vicars continues to stay abreast of regulatory changes through continuing professional education and renewal.

Secure Financing:  Establishing a new business can not be completed without financing.  Dooley & Vicars provides the consultative and financial services needed to provide appropriate documentation for securing financing.

Low-Income Tax Credit Projects:  Dooley & Vicars provides accounting and tax services to over 100 tax credit projects.  We perform annual audits for the project as well as prepare tax returns.  We provide assistance in the construction phase of the projects as well as cost certifications.  We also provide tenant compliance reviews and 704(b) analysis.