Tax Services

Almost every business decision carries tax implications.  No major decision, especially one regarding business organization or structure, should be made without prior consultation and analysis.  Dooley & Vicars advises many businesses on the tax implications of the client’s unique business position.

The following is a list of specific tax services offered by Dooley & Vicars.  If you have any questions regarding an explanation of the service or whether or not we offer a service you do not see listed, please contact us for additional information.

Tax Planning:  Dooley & Vicars understands that clients need to be financially positioned to pay appropriate taxes at appropriate times.  We work with clients understanding their financial plans, cash flows and liabilities and develop a tax plan that is appropriate, affordable and adheres to the latest government requirements and guidelines.

Individual Tax Returns:  Dooley & Vicars files both federal and state individual returns.  Returns can be filed electronically or printed and mailed.  At Dooley & Vicars our team is ever cognizant of the client’s time and concerns.  We strive to make filing returns a pleasant, information and easy experience.

Corporation Tax Returns:  Dooley & Vicars has the expertise and knowledge to assist corporations in structuring themselves in appropriate and affordable tax structures.  In addition, Dooley & Vicars can file corporation tax returns.

Payroll Tax:  Dooley & Vicars has the knowledge and expertise to assist entities in state and federal payroll taxes.

Sales Tax:  Dooley & Vicars assists clients in structuring their finances to collect sales tax and ensure that it is disseminated to the correct agency appropriately.

Representation before the IRS:  If a client is ever audited or needs financial representation, Dooley & Vicars has the experience and knowledge to represent and consult for the client.

Assistance with Tax-exempt Organizational Needs:  Dooley & Vicars has the knowledge and proficiency in providing consultative services and guidance for tax exempt organizations in addition to experience in filing the correct returns for the tax-exempt organization.

Payroll Services & Compliance:  In addition to providing payroll services, Dooley & Vicars has the proficiency and insight into providing guidance and structure concerning specific state and federal payroll taxes and compliance.

Low-Income Tax Credit Projects:  Dooley & Vicars provides tax services to over 100 tax credit projects, to include 10% tests and tax return preparation.  The knowledge and familiarity of the Dooley & Vicars’ staff concerning low-income tax credit projects enables our firm to provide clients with proficient adherence to ever changing guidelines and a return that is correct and financially sound.